I was planning to write about Chakras for a long time, I have come across so many people who have really benefited by healing their Chakras blockage. Time and time again people asked me “Why is it important for you to work on Chakras?” It’s the foundation of any coaching.  So let’s say, if you are building a house but not considering of what will goes in the foundation, you end up into a house with a weaker foundation.  Similerly, Chakras works exactly the same for our body. As a coach building up a strong foundation is must for any  goal to achieve.

So what exactly is Chakra?

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit, meaning “Wheel” or “Disk”. These moderators of subtle energy are traditionally depicted as Lotus Flowers, each responding at different frequencies, corresponding to the colours of the Rainbow. Each of the seven chakras deals with different part of this bigger picture and directs us to those areas where we might be functioning out of balance. Chakras are stored together. Each person’s unique energy field-said to surround them like an envelope-is accessed from a universal life force. This pool of energy is drawn into the body through each of the chakras and is transformed by them into a particular quality, dominant sense and emotional correlate.

The Chakras act like a valves in a system connecting a water tap to a garden hose. Once the tap is turned on the water should flow smoothly through the system but if there is blockage of energy or if any of the valve is too open or too closed this affect the proper functioning of the whole unit.

Now the question is, how do we know if there is blockage? What will it do to us mentally, physically and spiritually and if there are any ways to correct it. For this: stay tuned I will cover each Chakras and give you some advice and suggestions how to work on it.