The fine line between enough and still need more?

I must say that it is very important for us to know what is enough in our life and where we need more.

We are often short of something in our wardrobes, Our home needs more, our T.V is small and list goes on and on.

With our physical body too, we are short of something each time when we look in the mirror. If only our tummy was flat, arms shapely, hair straight and again we have no clue where is the end.

We in our relationship also we think if only our loved one was like that or has done this for me. We are failing ourselves in all aspect of life just because we are running blindly in all directions to have more.

When was the last time that you feel content and happy with what you have got?

Maybe after a great shopping day or a big celebration on your special day or buying a big home?

Ask yourself how long did it last with you.

Why is that the contentment and happiness have such a short life now?

I am certain that we do not clearly know the difference between having more and enough?

Let’s talk about our eating habits. We are surrounded by the food of different type 24/7 and we are struggling to maintain our health. Why?
It’s just we do not know when to say enough to ourselves. We eat more to address something else too emotionally to make us happy. Sometimes it’s again that we do not feel enough of ourselves.

Our wardrobe is full with clothes but people, advertisements, shops are shouting loudly in our ears you need more to make happy and look good.

Our home has rooms or has enough stuff for our need and requirements but then we are always short of something to make us feel its enough.

A famous writer Javed Akhtar said the distance between our happiness is just about one room more in our home. I am not doing justice to his lines it’s a beautiful poem in Hindi/Urdu.

It is clear that we need to work on ourselves to make us happy and feel enough.

The thing where we should feel not enough is like loving more, compassion, kindness, giving more.

I personally think I need to learn more books, need to get more experiences in life, need to know where I am less as a mother, as a wife, as a friend.

We need to meditate and live mindfully more.

We need to spend time outdoor in nature more.

We need to think about abundance surrounding us each moment.

Think as a human more who are capable of transforming life in a good way.

We need to reflect more on ourselves.

We need to forgive more.

We need to work hard and focus on our dream more.

When we see ourselves as more, we say to things which are in our life as enough.

Hope it will stimulate your mind and you would love to explore what you need more in your life and where to say enough.