Sometimes we do not know or do not consider doing too much of anything leads to nowhere. If you are in a diet plan blindly following it and so much so that you start avoiding social gatherings and denying each pleasure in life because you are on a diet then it’s serious.

We need to find a good balance between healthy eating, exercise, thoughts and our spiritual growth. Anything excessive can lead to jeopardise our whole purpose of a human.

If you miss few days of exercise because of some reasons, Do you feel really miserable?

I have come across people with all pain, emotional stress working out the same working out is killing them not doing any benefit at all and they are not listening to themselves at all.

The problem with anything excessive is our mindset of being in control.
We keep on chasing things which are already there but to prove ourselves powerful and a strong will we need to do this. In nutshell, we check us out from our body.

The second stage is we completely ignore our surroundings, people around us and cannot see anything except our routine in life.

If we start understanding the psychology behind why we do excessive or what is it doing to us in long learn we will calm ourselves and pace ourselves accordingly.

I am a big admirer of people who religiously, consistently do things to be a better person in every aspect. But at the same time,IMG_8459 I learn from many of those they are so good in what they do is because they know the phases of life, they pace themselves accordingly, they embrace the uncertainty and they slow down when needed.

What are the advantages of doing so?

Let say due to your health, family priorities you missed days of your exercise and you know you cannot so instead of feeling miserable you can do few things to help yourself.

Just try to relax and enjoy the turnover in your life and keep in mind its not going to be ever.

You can do things which you generally can’t because of your routine of exercise and gym. Bounding and connecting with loved one and people.

You can just watch how mindfully you eat and can be more aware of your body needs.

Learn, write, meditate whatever can bring you in your body of spiritual healing.

If you have been not following a healthy eating due to some reasons. What can you differently here?

Do your movement, try new things, explore be adventurous in different skill if you can.

Remember sometimes we nourish ourselves with food, good friends and family. Nutrition takes back seat for a while.

Maybe you are on a spiritual path or gaining knowledge and insight on something very personal or a call from within so food might have taken a back seat.

Do not assume that I am disregarding the health or encouraging you to do nothing. I totally believe in exercising, eating healthy, life-giving food but at the same time no matter what we post on Instagram and facebook as fitness expert we all have phases in life. We might look perfect but no one is perfect. There is no charm in being perfect because look around nature everything is unique and beautiful.

Time spend with loved ones, resting and relaxing rejuvenate us, makes us more focus on things. It is a life force to in our life.

Our disease body brings the lot of compassion, kindness and lessons too.

So what if you miss days of your exercise schedule or was out of track. When we are lost it’s beautiful to find us again.

I often drive or walk with an unknown route just to see or experience something different. I panic sometimes with the feeling of getting lost but sometimes losing you completely we find a courage and a different meaning of getting lost.

When I go back after my break from gym. I enjoy more and each movement I do I watch and learn how my muscles are working. What is this movement doing to me and it become an enjoyable session because of my body ios craving for exercises and movement? To me it’s a spiritual experience.

When I go back in eating more balance and life-giving food after a break. I can feel the difference in how I feel from inside, I do have a scope to eat something what I really want to eat but not with guilt but purely to nourish my soul.

Sometimes my scientific mind wants to know more than I become like a scientist and my action become one like that.

I would rather not go and do exercise just to shake of doing it. My body should feel amazing doing it not horrible or in pain all the time.

I will enjoy going for social gathering not to get drunk or stuff myself with junk food all the time but to connect and get nourished by eating something which my mind-body-soul wants.

We need to find that balance in life.

There might be someone my age fitter, agiler that can be my inspiration but not my goal. I am unique and my needs are different.

Give yourself a scope to grow in a way where you can live more and accept yourself now as it is.