I am humbled by the opportunity to be able to reach out to all of you readers and tell you about myself. I honestly believe that every person has a lovely story to tell and gifts that they can share with the rest of the world.

Short and Sweet

Born and brought up in India, I was the youngest of five siblings. I have always been a dreamer and secretly wanted to grow up to be an actress or a politician. On the outside I was always the girl next door but I knew that I had this innate ability to connect with people and see the best in them. I have been able to seek the beauty in every person I have come across.
I have been in the Fitness industry for about 16 years now and like most people my life’s journey wasn’t a bed of roses. I had to face various challenges and insecurities on my way to being the person I am today. I married a man I fell in love with years ago and I am now a mother of two grown up children. With the older one away at school and the younger ready to leave soon, I found a training partner in my lovely dog, Lulu, who i adore to bits!
I find solace in reading and writing, which helps me transcend all boundaries and possibilities. It is here that my core belief that ‘Everything is possible’ finds its roots.
My accomplishments are many (you can find them listed below), but my real achievement is having the faith and determination coupled with a dream and the ability to change my life as well as other’s.