Why do we have not enough money, time or peace of mind?

Maybe We are spending more, or earning less. This might be your answer but hold on, that’s not true. We are spending more and earning more too. So where are we going wrong? 

We are living in a less mindful place for sure. Let me give you an example when we are shopping, most of the time we buy things because we want them not because it’s something we need. It might be instantly we are pulled towards some want.

We live in a convience world everything what we want can be bought in just few seconds or minutes. You are strictly in a health regime, cooking at home but then you go out and you eat in a restaurant then you pick something for later on too because you don’t have time to cook . 

Where does our time go ?

Number one is internet. 

Second is our busyness to be busy in this rat race . Both the partners are earning hard, day and night to pay for expensive cars, expensive home, expensive schools, expensive holidays, expensive looks. Right? 

We do not have time to pause, slow down and think where and why we are doing what we are doing. 

Honestly, we need to sit in calmness for days to think about how we are living our life. If one of your friends posts a picture of their lavishly life style, holidays , eating out. Consciously or sub-consciously we feel left out. We are Not living a life to others expectations but funnily enough we make it to our expectations. 

If you give people some exercise or mindfullness practice they will come back to you after days and say that they do not get time because their life never stops. It is obvious that we have checked out of our own body and we have created scarcity of everything in life. 

The only reason is we are 24/7 in pressure to maintain our superficial life in internet and slowly we start living that life sub-consciously too as our purpose in life. We justify it, we protect it and we deny any access to our true desire in this life. 

Are Our relationships getting sore and bitter too?

We are more bothered about those 1000 friends in social  media than the two people whom we live with. We are connected to our old school friends group, our extended family all is good but we neglect or ignore the physical people who are next to us. We get inspired by other people stories of bravery and courage but we do not notice our own courageous journey or our partners.

While writing this peace a old gentlemen came into the cafe and he sat on the next table near the window. I greeted him hello, he said you doing your home-work ? I said No sir writing something. He said he chose sitting next to window so that he can see the world passing by. I said its beautiful. He said in this hustle and bustle of life we miss so many good things about this life. 

My point is though I am trying to reach the wider audiance but then at the same time I try my best not to miss these small meanigful talks with strangers too. 

I do use social media and I know its very easy to unintentionally ignore your loved one or people around you. Give time to interaction with the world on your machine or phone but try to engage more with people around you. You are going to miss their smile, their talk one day so why not make the most of it. 

BE Mindful .

Being mindful will help you not to just reach out for convience all the time but it will bring great habits in your life. That will help you to save money, your health will be better and you will live more in present. 

When we are mindful of our habits, it brings more love and respect in our relationship too. 

Our relation with ourselves improve too. When the world talks about scarcity, no job, no opportunities or gaining more materialistic things. You take a pause, you review and you act from your inner insight and wisdom, you do not drained out and you create something beautiful and amazing in life. 

That’s all from this Blog post, do give me your feed back.