I started my day today I was not feeling too well but still took my dog Lulu out for walk. I finished few unfinished job on computer feeling very rough then I decided that’s it not cooking today will go to any super market and will buy some good quality food. I dressed up and was out in Sun. yes I live in UK but we do get someday some sunshine. I started feeling a bit better. I thought why not explore the New M&S; food shop, which has been opened just few week back. I went there searching for ready made food so that I don’t have to cook. There were people filling there trolley with food and I made three round but still was not sure what to buy? I looked at the price and the ingredients in them and thought its expensive. Finally I decided to pick some Organic tomatoes, full fat cream and some tropical fruits. I came back home feeling great that I didn’t wasted my money on something which I don’t enjoy a lot. I thought OK so my last lot of chicken Broth is there why not I use it for my soup and few potatoes too for some carbohydrate and its better to use that instead of corn or soy starch. I made delicious soup with some full fat cream in that and proper seasoning too. A big bowl of fruit salad and my favourite carrot and coconut salad.
Then I thought I must do some maths here
Ready made soup for 2 costs 2.99 pounds
Fruit salad big bowl cost 5.99 pounds

My 6 organic tomato coasted me 4.99 pounds
My fruits costed me 5 pounds
I made Soup for 6 people, I use one full melon and 1/4th water melon. Good news is one melon and rest of the water melon is there in my fridge for Monday.
Now lets talk about the Nutritional value my home made broth is rich in protein and flavour. A balance of fat, carbohydrate,sodium was in it. Fruit is an optimal carbohydrate for human body it contains the diasacharides the sucrose. Sucrose is broken down into fructose and glucose. Fructose inhibits the release of insulin by glucose. Anyway so my point here is after all this I and my family enjoyed the great food. Once you feed the body what its craving for you will start feeling great. That turn my day from ok to awesome.